Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing

My name is Jesi Fox and I am the Medical and Cosmetic Tattoo artist at Seattle Plastic Surgery. I am very excited to announce that I will be offering my tattooing services at SPS starting this fall and before I get started, I want to take a minute to give you a brief glimpse of the history of tattooing and how the popularity of body art has increased over time.

medical cosmetic tattooing

Original Artwork by Jesi Fox

People have been injecting ink into their skin for the purposes of ritual, spiritual and aesthetic beautification since as early as 3300 B.C. There are Egyptian and Nubian mummies with tattoos, and classical authors mention the use of tattooing in connection with ancient Greeks, Germans, Gauls, Thracians and Britons. In the 19th century, tattooing was a royal art, decorating only the most gentile and aristocratic members of European society. Early tattooing methods usually involved sharpened bones, quills, or clay discs; all sharpened to razor thin needle points, consisting of single or multiple points. The first electric tattoo was invented in 1891 by Samuel O’Reilly, who improved upon an earlier copyright by Thomas Edison for an electric pen. Modern tattoo equipment has evolved rapidly with the popularity of tattooing in the past 100 years but the machine has retained much of its original design.

In more recent history, tattooing has become a mainstream option for self expression across the globe and the movement continues to grow each day. In the United States, approximately 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo. That’s 15% of our population! From librarians to politicians to rock n’ rollers, you can imagine the infinite variety of people proudly wearing their tattoos. These statistics may have you asking this question: why would someone feel the need to permanently ink their skin?

In the past the word “tattoo” was highly linked to a certain rebellious demographic, but as the years have passed the world has caught on to the notion that the body is a convenient canvas for self expression. Although there are many ways to express oneself (fashion, hair, makeup, etc.), tattoos are literally connected to people forever through both mind and body, making them a more meaningful translation of expression. For some, commemorating a loved one is the reason for a tattoo. For others, it may be for the simple pleasure of artwork. The motives behind tattoos are personal for each individual, and to me, that’s what makes them so beautiful.

More recently, tattoos have progressed and transitioned towards being an option for self confidence and beautification in the form of medical and cosmetic tattooing. That’s where I come in! Just like applying makeup, cosmetic tattoos help reinstate confidence by helping us achieve what we perceive as our best self. From eyeliner to lip color, cosmetic tattooing can also be a simple alternative for convenience! Medical tattoos also play a large role in restoring a healthy body image. Many patients who have gone through medical procedures find success in medical tattooing as a part of their recovery, both physically and mentally.

I am thrilled to be introducing my medical and cosmetic tattooing services to Seattle Plastic Surgery and would love to meet with you for a consultation. If you have any questions, please contact the practice directly. I would be happy to address your questions!

Jessica (Jesi) Fox, LPCP

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